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Do photographers dream of electric retouchers?

Brave new world

New standards, new cameras, new everything

When we start working on your project, we research your product and its competitors. Only then we proceed to photograph. Here’s what we can do for you:

Packshots for websites and catalogues

Electronic device photography standards are high, and that’s why we currently offer only MAX and Hero Shot packages in this field.

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Packshots for Advertising

Product photography process, including ideas, sketches, professional photography, and post-production.

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360° View For Electronic Devices

Various formats: interactive widget, video, or 3D CGI images.

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Lifestyle Images

Photos of people using your products. We also do composite pictures if you’re on a budget.

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Orcam My Eye high tech gadget for visually impaired people studio packshot

First impression

The very first image needs to tell the whole story. That’s why we carefully pick the angle of the photos in order to show as many distinctive details as possible. We light the product to emphasize important aspects, such as texture, shape, or color. All this is done to make your product stand out in this extremely competitive market.

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