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You can benefit from our wide range of services in jewelry photography:

Packshots for eCommerce or print catalogues

Variety of solutions for any budget: ECO, PRO, MAX and HERO SHOT

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Photography for Advertising

Conceptual photography, including creative process, styling, and top level retouching.

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360° Photography for jewelry

Various formats: interactive widget or video. Sparkling and dazzling.

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Jewelry on models.

Beauty shots, editorial, or technical catalogue pictures—you choose.

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Jewelry Photography — Gemstones ring closeup with perfect details

Optical and Digital Perfection

Photographing jewelry isn’t easy. It’s like taking a photo of a mirror without a reflection in it.

So we start with building lighting schemes that create beautiful light reflections on the jewelry piece surfaces and make it shine.

Jewelry Photography on white before retouching in Photoshop
Jewelry Photography on white after retouching in Photoshop


An Ultra-High Definition image reveals visual information that can’t be seen even under a loupe. Therefore, no matter how perfect the craftsmanship is, retouching is absolutely crucial. In our team, we have retouchers with vast experience in jewelry retouching, and they can produce images that look clean and perfect yet real.

Focus stacking

In macro photography, the depth of field is extremely shallow. When the focus point is on the front part of a ring, its back is out of focus. That’s why we make several photos, focusing on different parts of the object and then stack them in professional software to create a perfectly sharp image.

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