360° Product Photography for eCommerce

More engagement — more sales

Up to 37% increase in sales

eCommerce websites that incorporated 360° widgets into their product pages report substantial increases in sales up to 37%.

Why? Because potential clients spend in average 300% more time playing with a 360 degree widget than looking at good old photos. More engagement equals more sales.


Interactive widget or video

There are two main ways to display 360° imagery online. We do both.

Interactive widget

Similar to the widgets on this very page, a 360° widget is interactive, responsive, working fluently in all operating system (PC, Mac, iOS, Android), and all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, Firefox, etc.). However, it’s a code, and you can’t easily post it, say, on Facebook or Instagram, only on your website.

The widget is an image sequence. You can also use separate images from this sequence for any other uses, which is a great benefit.


The second option is shooting the video of the spin. The outcome (in video or GIF format) can be easily uploaded to any social networking service or website, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, as well as your website, of course.

Video files have considerably higher frame rate than the interactive files, and sometimes it’s important for the look and feel. However, a video file is not interactive. The user can only watch the video.

We produce all kinds of 360° product visualizations, based on stills, video or 3D CGI imagery.

360° Photography on Model:

CGI 3D 360° Image:

360° Video with simple editing

360° Video with complex editing

360° Photography Gallery

Frame Rate Options


The 360° spin is actually an image sequence. And the number of the frames for the full spin is an important factor to consider.

32 frames per full turn

The standard for 360° widgets is 30-50 frames per full spin, shot with impulse studio lighting for maximum image quality.

Pros: Images might be also used as separate packshots

Cons: Less fluent experience.

100+ frames per full turn

If more fluent spin is important, we can film 100-200 frames per full spin, shot in 4K video mode with continuous studio lighting.

Pros: Fluent movement

Cons: Separate images quality and sharpness aren’t optimal for other uses. The file size is bigger.

Video: 24-30 FPS

Classic video shot (HD or 4K) with continuous studio lighting.

Pros: Real life movement, some effects can be shot only in video

Cons: Not interactive.