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We create concepts, take photos, retouch images, and design graphics. You benefit from one-stop-shop product photography services. Highest quality and industry-leading ROI guaranteed.


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High-grade commercial photography is like a good sales agent that works 24/7, helping you sell more at a higher price. Get a tailored solution for your brand based on your goals and budget — and watch your sales increase.

SmartImages Product Photography for Amazon products

Smartimages™ for Amazon

Increase your sales by 29% on average

Product Photography for Amazon is all about performance. We’re the best in this field because of our unique workflow that takes your product through research, photography, retouching and graphic design to an immediate increase in sales.

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We’re from Other Planet

Planet Earth is crazy, and we chose to be different.

Reliable. Sensible. Respectful and respected. Constantly evolving as creative professionals. If you have worked with photographers from Earth, you’ll see the difference.

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13 + 12

The studio is 13 years old in 2022. We’re not afraid of this number, we’re proud. They say 90% of businesses fail within the first year. We’re here since 2009. Means we’re doing something right.

We’re a team of 12 pros. Photography, retouching, advertising, graphic design, marketing, copywriting, and project management ninjas with years of experience in every possible task. It makes us one of the biggest product photography studios in Israel. Come on, give us a try.

In the age of ideas

Concept is king.

It starts with an idea. It can be your own vision, or we’ll help you develop one. Concept development is the only way to start a successful photoshoot project. Some photographers have no idea about the products they shoot, but that’s not our philosophy.


We understand your customers and their expectations of your product because we research before photographing.


We’re more than familiar with advertising world and current trends in photography, because we read and learn all the time.


We’re creative enough to brainstorm great concepts yet humble enough to efficiently work with a concept you bring.

That’s how we think.
And only after we think, we DO.

The art of

Product Photography Lighting

Lighting a product is the key to making an appealing image. In fact, image is light that is reflected from the product surface into the viewer’s eyes. It means that, if we control the light, we control what people see and what they don’t see. Also, light, unlike color, can’t be ultimately controlled in post-production, and this is why lighting is crucial in making an outstanding image.

We love working with light: it can be a packshot with even, uniform lightning that shows the product at its best or creative directional lighting that adds depth and clarity.

Product Photography Software

The power of digital editing:

Reimagine what’s possible.

In a digital age, we can evolve with agility only by exploring and embracing the possibilities offered by modern tech. Photoshop with all its plugins and extensions is a core element, but in product photography, it’s not enough. That’s why we use other kinds of professional software as well, such as Helicon Focus and Exposure X3, and other professional software we’d like to keep in secret.

Highly effective hybrids of photo and tech geeks, that’s who we are.

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