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In an about us page, you’d expect us to tell you why we’re better than anyone else. Let’s make it clear: we’re not necessarily good for you. Being one of the best product photography studios in Israel, we can afford the luxury of saying no to a potential client.

But if you share our principles, you’ll absolutely love working with us, same as our loyal clients whose number is more than 70% of people we’ve worked with.

4 principles that guide everything we do

Think before acting.

“Quick-and-dirty” work is unacceptable. Beautiful pictures do not happen magically, no matter how talented the photographer is. It takes a plan and hard work to make a project successful. That’s why we plan, research, and only then proceed to photography.

We developed a detailed process that ensures that you get exactly what you need on time. Think about it and then act.

Always evolve.

As a small company, we’re flexible and fast. We learn and incorporate new techniques and services all the time, rapidly evolving to the new levels of professionalism.

This is an opportunity (and obligation) to evolve with us and benefit from more advanced services over time.

Respect each other.

We don’t think that the customer is always right or that the one who pays the piper calls the tune. It’s a legit opinion, but not if you want to work with us and use our expertise.

We work hard and expect our clients to respect our work, provide feedback, trust our opinion, and be polite. It pays off.

Put things in order.

Business relationships are easier when everything is in order, agreed upon, and clear as spring water. It might take a little extra time but guarantees the solid foundation of your project.

If you like order and are as allergic to mess as we are, you’ll love working with us.

Who’s talking?

Today we’re six. Not that much if you count heads. The whole universe if you count persons. And it makes us one of the biggest product photography studios in Israel. Come on, give us a try.

Eli Gitelman

Co-Owner & Creative Director

Nina Landoy

Co-Owner & CFO

Daria Gaar

Fashion & Product Photographer

Kate Mayorova

Head of Design Team

Eugenia Getman

Retouching Designer

Tatyana Zaharova

Retouching Designer

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